A list of teachers' homework sites/blogs, as well as their update status.
All school-related emails are in the form firstName.lastName@sd41.bc.ca.

Teacher Subject Status
Ms. J. Beaton Social Studies Hasn't updated in a year.
Ms. M. Bryant English Well-updated. Has separate blog for each class.
Ms. A. Burbidge Social Studies Hasn't updated in two years.
Ms. N. Burns Math/Science Seems to be well-updated.
Mr. J. Chien Math Update status unsure. Notes, resources + full Math 9-11 textbooks.
Ms. P. Chow English Conflicting information. Just ask your friends.
Ms. K. DeVries Tech Ed There's almost nothing here.
Mr. L. Dymytryszyn Math Lots of potentially useful notes.
Mr. D. Jackson Social Studies Well-updated + phone number.
Mr. D. Lam Math Updated, but doesn't seem comprehensive/intuitive.
Mr. A. Lee Math Interesting. No updates. YouTube Channel recommended.
Mr. J. Liau Jap/Dance Interesting. Some information. Mostly wacky stories.
Mr. C. Lock Science Inaccessible.
Ms. D. Loo Math Unsure of update status...
Mr. M. Marzouk Math No updates but lots of resources.
Mr. M. McNeilly Math Seems pretty updated + phone number.
Ms. A. Romain French Well-updated/archived and lots of resources/assignments.
Ms. J. Smith ASL Well-updated and very detailed. Seems to have useful twitter.
Ms. K. Vesik Math Seems well-updated + Math 9-11 textbooks separated by section.
Ms. C. Wilson Dance Useful for finding information about dance courses.
Ms. L. Wong Science Seems well-updated/archived.
Mr. G. Yuen Math Seems well-updated.